Death Storm
Most of this group has been together for years. They are loyal to each other, trust each other, and consider each other friends. Some new adventurers have been hired to protect the fortress, and more recently to help rescue the missing friends.

Andir ZithAndir Zith is the most diverse character of the group, and is generally level-headed.  He has died fairly often, usually because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Bianca is a powerful spellcaster with a small selection of powerful spells. <sample character sheet>Bormar
DunhamDunham often leads the party, mostly due to his willingness to try unusual ideas.  He packs quite an arsenal, but has often harmed party members with friendly fire, including himself.
Galbrith is a healer, but has a habit of leaping into combat. A good fighter, a better ally.Galbrith
HornigHornig is the toughest fighter of the group, and knows it. His loyalty to his friends is unshakable.
Jessy Nor is a limited spellcaster, but combining his magic with his other abilities makes him a dangerous scout.

Jessy Nor

KormiraKormira is more a mechanic than a scout. She was brought in some time ago to help man the fortress, but her skills are needed now.
Marcus is a strong healer, with a wide selection of abilities.Marcus

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Nikro is strong, talented, and reliable. His faith in his own abilities has often put him in hot water.  His combat abilities against giants is unmatched.

Ozzle is as typical a halfling as you could find. Troublesome, fearless, and always finding trouble. In a combat, he's as likely to be found in the middle of things as in the shadows.  His sneak-attack is devastating.


PikaraPikara was brought in to help defend the fortress. Her fighting skills may now be needed out in the field.
Quinn was recently hired to supplement the group's healing, and to help rescue the missing.Quinn
ThilliaThillia was hired as a fast striker, to help rescue the missing party members.
Wanda was brought in for the rescue mission, bringing in powerful offensive magic.Wanda
ZenierZenier's strength is of the heart, not muscles. He has faced dragons single-handed, ignoring his limitations, and his courage has never failed him. He has never failed his friends, and he has earned their respect.

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